Shared parental responsibilities

Shared parental responsibilities and the best interests of the child

Perspectives in Spain, England & Wales, and Switzerland with a special focus on the influence of media

Is there a direct, or indirect, influence from the media on the interests of the child and the passing of certain laws? How and where can this influence be seen? The best interests of the child is open to interpretation depending on the specific moment, and the transformation of the concept can be biased by different actors. Taking as an example the introduction of the shared parental responsibilities in Spain, Switzerland and England and Wales, the thesis aims to demonstrate the role that the media have played in the transformation of the best interests of the child in the adoption of these laws.

Maria del Rocio Franch Oviedo

Maria del Rocio Franch is a graduate in Law and Journalism (Madrid) as well as MA in Social Communications (Rome). After her graduation, she worked as a correspondent in Rome for Spanish radios and agencies and has also worked as jurist and media consultant for some associations in Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Currently, her research is focused in bioethical and social questions regarding the status of the child and the influence of the media and communications on legal science. 

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