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Michele Bernasconi, International Sports Law and Jurisprudence of The CAS: neu bei Editions Weblaw.

Michele Bernasconi (Ed.)

International Sports Law and Jurisprudence of The CAS

4th CAS & SAV/FSA Conference Lausanne 2012

312 Seiten
CHF 98.–, inkl. MwSt.
ISBN 978-3-906230-11-5
Editions Weblaw 2014

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This publication contains written versions of speeches made by some of the most experienced specialists in the field of sports and arbitration law at the 4th Lausanne Conference of the Swiss Bar Association (FSA/SAV) and the Court of Arbitration for Sport / Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (CAS/TAS), held on 7 and 8 September, 2012.

The wide range of topics covered in this publication reflects the varied backgrounds and experience of the contributors and includes some of the most relevant issues in sports law today, such as:

  • Provisional and interim measures in international and sports arbitration;
  • Evidence issues in CAS proceedings;
  • Questions concerning the autonomy of sports associations and federations, including good governance issues;
  • The new Financial Fairplay Regulations of UEFA; and
  • CAS and FIFA jurisprudence in doping, football, Olympic

and other sports-related matters. Carefully researched and documented, this collection constitutes an invaluable source of reference for practitioners and specialists in the field of sport arbitration.