Robert Meijer


Robert Meijer




Prof. Dr. Robert Meijer (1959) has a PhD of the University of Utrecht in experimental nuclear physics (1988). Then he developed particle detection systems at GSI Darmstadt and ISP’s for the Dutch Telco KPN. In 2002 Robert became part-time professor «Applied Sensor Networks» at the University of Amsterdam and developed a sensor lab and a global scale self-learning, -scaling anomaly detection systems for dikes. In 2016 Meijer developed the concepts for the digital transformation of the Metropole Region Rotterdam and The Hague. There showed that digital economies require first of all «normative systems»; ICT that observes other ICT to determine if they behave according to law, regulations and appointments. In 2017 he developed a concept that strongly mitigates cyber-security risks and that allows secure and norm-obeying transactions on data.


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