Legal Inhouse KPIs - Publication Launch with Panel Discussion

17:00 - 18:00
Liquid Legal Institute e.V.

Join us at our newest Panel Discussion. This time it is about Legal Inhouse KPIs - a topic everyone is talking about!


The Liquid Legal Institute also proudly presents our Publication: "Data-driven Legal Departments: An Introduction into Metrics and KPIs".


If you ask yourself:
"Why should I measure?",
"How should I measure?",
... and most importantly: "What should I measure?",
we got you covered.


The discussion on KPIs and metrics for Legal Departments has started. And it is an opportunity to improve! We need to lead it actively so we can lead the transformation. We have to enter territory quite unknown to most lawyers. We need to leave the argument behind and trust in numbers. And we should start to look at effortless data and use the metrics to better understand what is happening in the Legal Department.


But all this is not enough. Using (KPIs) in Legal Departments is a difficult task. We cannot set data-driven goals without understanding their impact and without extensive methodology knowledge. We need to learn and adapt to a changing environment, set objectives, and measure these objectives systematically. A transformation can only happen with people, not against them. Metrics can be a powerful tool but have to be used in a way that respects the individuals. Right now, we have the chance to measure our business impact and motivate legal teams to improve, illustrating the value an Legal Department brings to the company.


About all this and much more we talk with invited experts at our next Panel Discussion on Legal Inhouse KPIs and introduce in our newest Publication.



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