Waltl Bernhard


Bernhard Waltl

  • IT Specialist BMW Group
  • Co-Founder Lexalyze
  • Co-Founder Liquid-Legal-Institute e.V.


Bernhard is an industrial researcher and computer scientist mainly working in the field on semantic analysis of documents. He is specialized on the analysis of legal documents, e.g. statutes, contracts, judgments, etc. using computational methods especially Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining.


Within his activities, he co-founded the Lexalyze (www.lexalyze.de), an academic initiative at the intersection between Law and Technology. In addition, he co-founded the Liquid Legal Institute e. V. (www.liquid-legal-institute.org) which focusses more on practical challenges of LegalTech and the digital transformation of the legal business. He is member of the member of the Economic Advisory Council of the German Informatics Society (https://gi.de/giwi/).