Sandra Taal


Sandra Taal
Dr., MPhil.



Current activities

  • Junior consultant public information management
  • Board member of the Dutch/Flemish Sociology of Law Association (VSR)


Sandra obtained her Master’s degree on Public Administration (Institutional Change and Reform) from Leiden University in 2011. In the final year of her Master’s studies she conducted an independent field study in Botswana to examine the position of ethnic minorities. From 2012 until 2016 Sandra worked on her PhD thesis titled: Working separately together: A quantitative study into the knowledge sharing behaviour of judges. During this period she was involved as a researcher in the Swiss Sinergia research project on court management: Grundlagen guten Justizmanagements in der Schweiz. She authored and coauthored a number of articles. She also taught courses on the sociology of law and the foundations of law. Sandra is currently working as a junior consultant public information management.


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