Markus H. F. Mohler


Markus H. F. Mohler

Dr. iur.





  • State Exam in Law (equal MLaw, University of Basel, 1965)
  • Doctorate in Law (PhD, thesis: particular dogmatic problem in criminal law; University of Basel, 1971)
    • FBI National Academy Graduate (Washington, D.C., USA, 1970)
    • Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS) of the FBI (1995)
    • Auditeur de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité Intérieure (IHESI, 8e session régionale, Octobre 2000 – Juin 2001, France, intermittent sessions)
Professional executive (full time) positions
  • ~13 years public prosecutor, 6 years of which in an additional managerial and trainer position (Attorney General’s Office, Basel)
  • ~21 years Commissioner-in-Chief of the Cantonal Police of Basel (i.e. State Police comprising all branches of policing with own support division including recruiting, basic and NCO training, special trainings, [external and internal] psychological service, technical and mechanical branches etc.),
  • 18 years head («CEO») of the interdisciplinary (multi-departmental) Catastrophe Organisation of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
Additional Executive or Managerial (co-ordinating) Functions
  • 6 years member of the Board of Officers of the Conference of the Cantonal Police Commanders of Switzerland (highest professional co-ordinating body of the police services in Switzerland)
  • 3 years President of this conference (1993–1996)
  • 8 ½ years chairman of the Permanent Commission for International Police Affairs (CAI) of this conference
Additional Training (and speaker) Functions/Activities
  • 15 years commander/director of the Swiss Commissioned (Senior) Police Officers Courses (operations and tactical level, managerial skills; 1984–1998); additional function to being police commander
  • 15 years co-director of the Seminars for Police Commanders of Switzerland (strategic and operations level, leadership, 1984–1998); additional function as above
    • Occasional speaker and instructor at many training institutions of various countries (UK: Police Staff College Bramshill, Germany: Polizeiführungsakademie, Münster; France: Ecole nationale supérieure de police, Nice); major topics: Ethics in policing, police leadership and management/(strategic) planning, international police co-operation, emergency/disaster follow-up management.
 Other Functions (missions) linked to Policing
  • Swiss permanent representative to the Council of Europe Permanent Committee on Misbehaviour and Violence at Sport Events, notably Football Matches (1987–1996)
  • Appointed to consult the Presidency of the Hungarian National Police (police reorganisation to meet the standards of democratic countries in respecting the rule of law/human rights, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in both training and operations), organising exchange programs (1991–1994)
  • Appointed to head a Swiss working party to evaluate the reorganisation of the National Criminal Police of the Czechoslovak Republic (1992)
  • Only external member (representing the legal science) of an interdepartmental task force of the Swiss Federal Administration to develop a strategy on security related issues (2010/2011)
  • Only external member of a working party of the Swiss Federal Administration on drafting a Federal law on Policing (2007–2008)
  • Legal science advisor to the Canton of Berne for a total revision of the police related legislation (2013 – ongoing)
  • Appointment as rotating deputy chairman/chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the European Patent Office (EPO), Munich (2015 – ongoing).
 Academic work
  • Lecturer on public, esp. safety/security and police law at the Law Faculty of the University of Basel and the University of St. Gallen Law School (2005–2011)
  • Occasional Guest Lecturer at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science (2004 – ongoing)
Numerous publications on a variety of subjects (e.g. ethics in policing, human rights and policing, legal subjects, safety and security law related subjects, legal aspects of cooperation between police and private security enterprises, manual for the application of the Swiss-German Police Treaty.
  • Recently: Grundzüge des Polizeirechts in der Schweiz (Essentials of the Policing Legislation in Switzerland), Basel 2012 (600 p.)
  • Numerous articles on security/policing related legal issues in professional journals
  • Co-Author of
    • the 3rd edition of the St.Gallen Commentary to the Swiss Federal Constitution (security related articles with preface; 2013–2014; published 2014)
    • of a contribution to an international comparison about Public Safety and Security in Federal Systems (2013, Ottawa/Canada; to appear in 2016)
    • four consecutive volumes on Schengen/Dublin (2009–2015).

A complete listing of Markus H. F. Mohler's publications can be found here.

Numerous consulting and lecturing mandates all related to the security sector, police and justice reform projects in various countries (Africa [2001–2003], West Balkan [2001–2011]) on behalf of the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), furthermore an EU-sub-organisation, OSCE and UNDP etc. with focus on human rights in policing, fighting organised crime/internal corruption, promoting compliance as well as on corresponding legislation questions (detailed list available).