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Rolf. H. Weber, Normative Movements in Internet Governance and Cyberlaw: neu bei Editions Weblaw.

Rolf. H. Weber

Normative Movements in Internet Governance and Cyberlaw

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Editions Weblaw 2017, ISBN 978-3-906836-55-3
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Information and communication networks have become a major political, economic, and legal topic in discussions among participants of the “global community”. For the last 20 years, international organizations, national governments, non-governmental entities, legal scholars, and practitioners have attempted to develop regulatory theories for the online world. The new technologies inevitably require changes in the structure of international law. The globalization of the information society calls for innovative principles of governance and for the transformation of traditional concepts.

Whether welcome or not, the information society is real and so is the challenge to rethink all spheres of the new environment. As a consequence, a new shared vision of fundamental regulatory principles and of participation rights of the involved stakeholders must be developed. This collection reprints articles and book excerpts addressing Internet Governance and cyberlaw published since 2002; their contents are based on interdisciplinary research and on insights gained as expert of international bodies. Hopefully the collection contributes to the ongoing process of designing possible regulatory pillars for a normative cyberspace framework.