ReMeP - Research meets Practice

Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
23.09.2019 - 24.09.2019
11:30 - 17:30

The inaugural ReMeP 2019 – Research Meets Practice Legal Informatics Conference will take place in Vienna, Austria on 23-24 September 2019.


Legal informatics has been around for over 60 years. However, the need to streamline and digitalise processes to remain competitive has increased over the past few years.


While there is promising research activity on all aspects of legal informatics, researchers often lack access to prospective users and real-life data to take their projects to the next level. And businesses often look for ways to digitalise specific tasks without knowing the state of research. And without knowing that there might already be a solution under development which can be tweaked to perfectly fit their needs. This is where ReMeP 2019 comes in: ReMeP 2019 will bring the two worlds together to the benefit of both sides.


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